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What Does an Alternator Do For Your Land Rover?

Alternator with flat drive belt at modern truck engine

As your car ages in Scottsdale, or when you purchase a used vehicle, it’s smart to understand what’s happening under the hood. Our service department is here to help you, but if you want the sense of accomplishment that comes from understanding the mechanics of your Land Rover, it’s easy to learn the basics. What does an alternator do, anyway?

An Alternator Is Your Car’s Battery Charger

An alternator keeps your car’s electrical system working. Turn on the engine, and the alternator goes to work by converting the mechanical energy created by a pulley into a current that charges your car’s battery. Most car alternators can do this for seven to ten years before requiring replacement in Phoenix, but that can depend on how well all the moving parts in your car are operating. Keeping your car well maintained can help.

Signs of a Bad Alternator in Your Vehicle

There are some signs that can indicate you might be approaching time to replace your alternator.

  • Dim dashboard lights
  • Service Engine or Check Battery light comes on
  • Unusual noises like grinding, rattling, squealing, or whining.
  • Electrical system issues. Look for problems with features like power windows, the audio system, power seats, lighting, etc.
  • Car is hesitant to start.
  • Dead car battery, or signs that the car battery is dead but it tests fine.
  • Smell of burning rubber.

If you experience these symptoms, contact us to make an appointment to have the alternator tested.

How Much is an Alternator in Phoenix, AZ?

How much is an alternator? Alternator prices vary, depending on the car and the type of alternator. New alternators tend to cost from $500 to $1000, while a remanufactured alternator can be $300 to $500. New alternators carry a warranty, as do some remanufactured ones. The Land Rover North Scottsdale service department often runs parts specials that can save you money.

Come to Land Rover North Scottsdale for Your Parts and Service Needs

From diagnosing problems with your car’s electrical system to replacing alternators and batteries, the service department at Land Rover North Scottsdale is here to keep you on the road in Arrowhead.

Our service technicians handle everything from regular oil changes, to major parts replacements, to figuring out why the heck your car’s making that weird sound. Our parts department ensures that OEM parts are in stock, whether you’re planning to replace them yourself or have our service department do the work for you. Contact us for all your repair, maintenance, and parts needs.

No other vehicle combines power, style, and history like Land Rover. Contact Land Rover North Scottsdale to schedule a test drive, and be a part of Land Rover history.

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